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The Rose Bowl Summer Circus - A Summary.

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SummerFest 2014 so far...

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This year our summer activities have taken a turn for the shakespeare! We are working on creating a new play, a new piece written by new writer and director Zephryn Taitte.

SummerFest2014 presents : Shakespeare Shook Up 'In The Name of Thy Father' 

We have opened our doors to local young people aged 7 -19 and are in the midst of creating a huge performance. 

Bringing together Drama, Dance, Music and Art in Hoxton Hall Youth Arts' biggest feat to date - prepare to be amazed and astounded as we deliver a fully fledged performance piece in the shape of a grand outdoor performance in Shoreditch park.

In the mean time take a look at these behind the scene photographs which give a good idea of the process we are going through, charting our rise to sucess, the cast learning new skills and show how we are pulling it all together.

There will be two performances on the 23rd of August to which you are ALL welcome, performances will take place at 3.30pm and 6.30pm the location is Shoreditch park next to the boulder.

For more information about the performance please call 02076840060 and ask to speak to Karmel. We look forward to recieving you .












Music Recording at The Rosebowl.

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The Rosebowl centre has nurtured a number of young performers over the years, whether this has led to fame and notorioty, an inner sense of wellbeing or simply an elevated sense of self confidence - Music at The Rosebowl has touched a number of young people and produced some excellent results.

We talked to Troy Fletcher - James, one of the young artists currently using The facilities to explore himself musically and asked him about his most recent track and what he thought of The Rose Bowl.


What I love about Rose bowl is that it is a place for the youth to express and develop themselves creatively and almost escape from the world for a period of time, i book music sessions daily which Involve working alongside producer MK and also having my own session in the studio allowing me to apply skills I've learned to create music. 



 I was singing from a young age and always found it something that kept me spirited and i had good ability at. As I got older I found music making programmes on my computer and just played out with the sounds and samples till I discovered producing is an area I feel passionate about. Then I developed my songwriting craft and playing with words - writing hooks for precious college showcases and understood being a vocalist and songwriter is my calling and is what I'm aiming to pursue under the name 'tigertroy'. 

The track recently uploaded to HHyoutharts soundcloud  'bipolar' is all about self-negativity; being delusional by your own personality and finding means of sanity. It's a track that means a lot coz it has deep meaning to me and also it has like loads of different sounds - almost like different personalities.

Listen to TigerTroy new track on our soundcloud here

The Rose Bowl is based in islington and offers free music production tutoring as well as free Production room space for 14- 19 year olds, Monday to Friday. Call 020735443524 and ask to book a session in with Dom.

SOH! (HH dance company)

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Take a look at the new promo video from SOH! our dance company. The crew practice once a week and already have loads of events lined up, touring multiple venues around London this year. If you think that this is something you would ike to be involved in come along to our open dance classes on Wednesdays 5 - 7 and talk to Colleen SOH! coordinator.

Give us a call,drop us an email or just pop in and get involved with SOH!

May Half term @Hoxton Hall

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This Half term was totally awesome, Hoxton Hall was a alive with laughter and activity as we ran three workshops: Paint by numbers, Art and Design and Acting 101.

Every body achieved so much! Take a look at the pictures below for the results , some talented artists and actors!

Paint by numbers:



Art and Design:



Acting 101:



Everybody had loads and loads of fun as well as learnging loads and honing thier skills and talents.

Keep in touch with Hoxton Hall Youth Arts News, achievements, pictures and films at 


or call 02076840060 for more information on what activities and classes we have on offer.

Filming with Rift

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Last week we spent the day filiming with RIFT theatre company. Working towards a very interesting short film projects, the results of which will be published Very soon....Watch this space!!





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