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20th September 2013 - 21st September 2013


£12.50/ £10

Doors to venue open at 19:00 

“Once upon a time in old London Town there lived a very wicked woman”

Historical drama company, Grim Times present a murderous fairytale revealing some of London’s most horrible lady-killers.  Exploring issues such as mental illness, witchcraft, victimisation, prostitution and physical abuse and by blending original trial transcripts with fairy tale motifs and characters, the play recalls real life stories and observes many social statements, sadly still familiar today.

Contains some crime details, not suitable for ages below 13.

About Grim Times:

Grim Times are a historical drama company with a strong track record working with local authorities, historic sites, museums and visitor attractions. We focus on devised historical drama intervention that highlight the lives of many of London’s lesser-known but still fascinating historical characters by using harrowing history to enhance social statements and promote local history learning and understanding.

Wicked Women Reviews:

“Wicked Women is portrayed in a spellbinding, vital and touching way which was completely gripping”  - Frances Johnson: Library customer services officer

“ Highly entertaining piece of theatre. " Tudor Allen Senior Officer, Archives, London Borough of Camden

“ Seduced by excellent drama”  - Lynn-Marie Harper