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15th September 2013


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In Zachary’s class, everyone is interesting – except Zachary.

His hair sits quite fine. His teeth are aligned. His lines are expected, and his specs nonexistent.

So Zachary grumps (as Zachary does) and yells against his normalness.

To which his mum replies: ‘But that is just normal for here’. And she reminds him of all the other places – filled with giants, and miniatures, and hairy things, and flying things – places where Zachary would not be normal at all. And so he sets out… to stand out.

Grumpy 7 year-old Zachary, fed up with feeling average, journeys into a surreal and entrancing world to discover what makes him special. A host of hilarious characters combine with international award-winning writer Finegan Kruckemeyer’s trademark sharp dialogue in this unique twist on an adventure tale.

Alternately hilarious and deeply moving, audiences both young and old will love joining the furious Zachary in his desperate quest to discover difference.

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